Sisters Doing Big Things

It’s been a while.I haven’t really gotten into the groove of this whole blogger thing… Oh don’t judge…

Well I haven’t gotten up to much since my last post. Just my normal 9am – 5pm.. In my case its actually an 8am- 4:30pm, It’s all the same thing anyway.

I have been inspired though, quite a lot as a matter of fact.. I’ve stummble across an incredible female that’s are out there, putting in some work and sharing parts of herself with the world. She’s no “it girl” or anything but her style really says a big HELLO to the creative in me. Maria McCloy is an “Accessories and Urban Culture Lover, Publicist and Journalist” (as stated on her tumblr profile). A true maverick in my own opinion. If you know me you would know that this probably isn’t the kind of stuff that’s in the top 10 of my to do list, but I really like whats she’s on to here. I have never really been to Johannesburg (yes it’s true) and hopefully when I do, it will be long enough for me to catch her selling those awesome creations she makes on sunday from 10am – 3pm.


It’s funny how I actually got to “meet” this lady, because I haven’t really. In my head, we are very good friends that have catch up sessions at a coffee shop somewhere in Morningside.

I tailed her on various social networks after she sent me an email saying I’d won tickets to one of the award shows that were held in Durban (ICC) last month. The main reason for this was becuase I thought it was one of those flimflam messages and I just wanted to verify her realness ya’ know…?

You’re probably wondering how far my stalking tendencies went, right? Lets not get into that, what matters is that this lady is on to something spectacular. Trust and believe!

Naturally, we drift away from things that are a normality to us. We get bored and we find joy in things that usually have very little to do with what truely defines us…  We lose our African-ness. Our tradition. Ultimately, our roots… The Western culture has taken precedence over our own culture. It’s “normal”  and it’s what most of us go with, myself included.

What I like about Maria and her work is that she’s satrted with something so small (accessories), yet, this little piece makes such a huge difference to your entire outfit. My immediate response when I first laid eyes on her twitter profile image was “hmm nice shoes, she must be an artist”… I wasn’t too far off. She often uses the word ‘creator’ in her descriptions and it’s definitely fitting.She doesnt complicate art, in my opinion. She has fun with it. And accessories are so relevant to where we come from and who we are as Africans. Its a form of story telling.

Somewhere deep down I’ve always been into art. However, my creative side gets lost when I feel like it wont be good enough for someone else. I know it’s there and it exists but I stuggle alot to express it, except for when I’m singing. Fashion blogs, music with emotive lyrics or a remarkable painting will sometimes awaken what lies within but I want it to stay and never leave. This isn’t something you can be taught or have instilled in you by someone else. It’s second nature, it comes to you. I just have a knack for it.

I’d just like to have that spirit awake in me full-time. To create and inspire the way some individuals do so effortlessly. Change perspectives and offer something to the world. Loving what you do and others appreciating. *Beyonce Knowles, leeeeead me*

I used to sing, but my voice is lost somewhere in bewtween fear of rejection and me thinking I don’t sounding original enough. I’d like to write as well as some of the few people in my life and have the ability to make sense in my words as I make sense to myself in my head….. Expression in all forms.



Maria McCloy: She one of many but she’s definitely one in a million….




Colours. Love. Art. Communicate. Feel. Do. Continue to be passionate. Express. Continue to inspire.


About sandymncube

Get to know me: My name is Sandisiwe (everyone calls me Sandy), I live and work in KZN-Durban. I have obtained my Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Management and Communication studies at University of KwaZulu-Natal, Howard College and I am so eager to start my career in the communications/marketing industry. I have worked at Wisdom and Youth, an advertising agency for Mr Price as a temp receptionist. Prior to that I have been involved in various advertising campaigns with a variety of promotions agencies in Durban. Sales, communications, PR, advertising, marketing and management have been a major component in my area of study + work and being part of a well put work environment is a great platform for me to expand myself in the media and advertising world. I strive for continued excellence and I am sure to provide exceptional contributions to any organization. Currently, Hosaf (Manufacturers and distributors of polyethylene terephthalate) are keeping me occupied in their marketing and sales department. If you have any further questions regarding my candidateship, click the contact button and lets talk.

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