Life Changing Events





Tomorrow 07.05.2014 is voters day in South Africa for all its citizens and campaign season comes to an end. Promises have been made and we are told about prospective changes and why the other party “sucks” and how they won’t become complacent as they claim the other to be. This being my first ever opportunity to vote I can’t exactly say i’m doing cart wheels for being given this platform. My friends all seem to be geared up psychologically for this moment (probably because they can’t wait to update Instagram with voting booth selfies). Whatever the reason, I on the one hand am clueless on whose hands to place this bright future of mine. I can date back a few weeks ago where a close friend of mine said to me, like the eager beaver she is, “Vote Kiss party if you have to, just go and vote. Free yourself!” Sounded like something I’d heard many a time before, and as cliched as it actually came across, she was right.

So I’m voting for the first time tomorrow, yaaay me (sarcastic)…. I’m not sure if this will be life changing in anyway but however it turns out, I hope I make an informed decision. I should probably browse the web a bit in the last few hours I have of this day to prepare for this. I’ll go though, definitely. And again, it is what Tata fought for.


Well here goes nothing. Positive thoughts. Grown up decisions to be made. The time is now. I am ready……… uhm, I think.






About sandymncube

Get to know me: My name is Sandisiwe (everyone calls me Sandy), I live and work in KZN-Durban. I have obtained my Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Management and Communication studies at University of KwaZulu-Natal, Howard College and I am so eager to start my career in the communications/marketing industry. I have worked at Wisdom and Youth, an advertising agency for Mr Price as a temp receptionist. Prior to that I have been involved in various advertising campaigns with a variety of promotions agencies in Durban. Sales, communications, PR, advertising, marketing and management have been a major component in my area of study + work and being part of a well put work environment is a great platform for me to expand myself in the media and advertising world. I strive for continued excellence and I am sure to provide exceptional contributions to any organization. Currently, Hosaf (Manufacturers and distributors of polyethylene terephthalate) are keeping me occupied in their marketing and sales department. If you have any further questions regarding my candidateship, click the contact button and lets talk.

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